Books: A Mode of Flight

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I was growing up a bookworm. It was such a frustration for my mom as she worried for my eyesight while I consume each and every printed material anytime I set my eyes on one. She was especially highlighting reading in the dark and in moving vehicles. And I now jokingly get back at her needless worrying since my eyesight is still good to go without the need for assistance after more than a quarter of its existence.

I read anything that has something written on it. While other youngsters prefer the illustrations and colors, I opt for the written word. Whether it is the daily newspaper (current or outdated), magazines, food container labels, random instructions, signage or postings, I am on it before everyone else with me has even noticed it.

I enjoyed the company of books and the characters in them. I got to see foreign lands in my imagination, secretly hoping that I get to see them in person and confirm the images that I have conjured based on the words describing the places. I got to meet people who are very different from me or the crowd that I am used to. I got to feel emotions that I have not yet had the chance to experience. With books, I was feeling like I know the world more than other people do.

Over time though, it seems like I have lost the feeling. I still have a lot of books. In fact, more than a couple of them are sitting by my bedside, silently gathering dust while awaiting for someone to open up the pages and indulge in the stories they have to tell. I have had them for around  year now, and I still have not had the time to read them.

Maybe it is the presence of the Internet and all the things it offers to consumer one’s every minute. Maybe it is a part of the growing older stage with a lot more tasks and responsibilities to attend to. Maybe it is because the real world is right in front and have to be dealt with. Maybe it is my imagination fading away in its ability to turn letters into worlds, books into adventures 😦




The Desire To Be Extraordinary

Peaceful Destination

You are unique, just like everyone else.

“What an obvious contradiction?!”

This was the exact I had in mind when I first heard this statement. I cannot remember exactly who said it, but the speaker himself also displayed a sense of amusement at his own words. I am quite confident a lot of people will agree with my first reaction.

While the first thought is legit, there is way more into this very statement. Year after year of existence, I go back to this statement. For reaffirmation of my value, I go back to this statement. For bringing my feet back to the ground, I go back to this statement. This statement rings more truth and wisdom than most quotations, sayings and quotations do.

We are all human beings, earthlings, creatures yet we all have something different in our physical, emotional and psychological make-up. We are all born into this world with abilities, capabilities and skills yet we have different sets, levels and combination of these characteristics. We all have potentials to be good, bad or anything in between yet we are given varied mindsets for approaching our intrinsic values and converting them into our choice of actions and decisions.

In the continuous journey that is life, we all aim to remain unique while at the same time, strive to be extraordinary. Yes, there are those who wish to live in simplicity and those who aim for the basics. Yet in their hearts and minds, there will always be the wish to make a difference, to have an impact. It does not have to be about conquering the moon or putting an end to all the wars in the world (though that would be quite a nice accomplishment). It can be something viewed as simple as having a child or planting a tree or bringing a flower into bloom. Such things seem mundane, but a child means a new set of potentials for the world to benefit from, a tree means fresher air for generations to come and a beautiful flower means the possibility of a smile on another human being’s face at the very least.

Extraordinary does not mean huge. Extraordinary means unusual and remarkable, something each and everyone of us can achieve. This is something people should realize. A lot of individuals in the modern world tend to fall into anxiety and depression due to the feeling of emptiness and unworthiness. Whether this feeling is from the outside world or self-inflicted, it is without basis at all. Each and every individual’s existence is of value to at least one other person. It just needs a little effort to uncover that value and bring it into realization.

You are unique. I am unique. Everyone else is unique. Beyond that, you, me and everyone else can be extraordinary in the most simple things that we can do.




Wandering Into A New Realm

This is my first post on this new blog. While this is not my first time to blog nor the first time to own an active blog site, I intend to make this new adventure a more exciting one.

This will not be a blog on specifics. Rather, this will be my online diary to document my experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Cheers to new things!